What is Arabian?

  • (adj): Relating to or associated with Arabia or its people.
    Example: "Arabian Nights"; "Arabian Sea"
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Saudi Arabian Cuisine
... Food staples in Saudi Arabian cuisine include lamb, grilled chicken, falafel (deep-fried chickpea balls), shawarma (spit-cooked sliced lamb), mutabbaq and Ful medames ... same types of foods have been consumed by the Saudi Arabian people for thousands of years ...
List Of Ecoregions In Oman - Terrestrial Ecoregions - Deserts and Xeric Shrublands
... Arabian Desert and East Sahero-Arabian xeric shrublands (Palearctic) Arabian Peninsula coastal fog desert (Afrotropic) Gulf of Oman desert and semi-desert (Afrotropic ...
Arabian Nights: Sinbad's Adventures
... Arabian Nights Sinbad's Adventures (アラビアンナイト シンドバットの冒険, Arabian Naito Shinbatto No Bōken?) is a 52 episode anime series ...
Current Business Activities - MEED Events
... MEED runs three summits – Arabian Hotel Investment Conference (AHIC), Arabian World Construction Summit (AWCS) and Arabian Power Water Summit – and has more than 25 Middle East industry ...
Saharo-Arabian Region
... The Saharo-Arabian Region is a floristic region of the Holarctic Kingdom proposed by Armen Takhtajan ... savannas.1`1 The region occupies the temperate parts of the Sahara desert, Sinai Peninsula, Arabian Peninsula (geographically defined), Southern Palestine and Lower Mesopotamia ...

More definitions of "Arabian":

  • (noun): A spirited graceful and intelligent riding horse native to Arabia.
    Synonyms: Arab
  • (noun): A member of a Semitic people originally from the Arabian peninsula and surrounding territories who speaks Arabic and who inhabits much of the Middle East and northern Africa.
    Synonyms: Arab
  • (adj): Of or relating to Arabian horses.

Famous quotes containing the word arabian:

    O animal excellence,
    Take pterodactyl flight
    Fire-winged into the air
    And find your lair
    With cunning sense
    On some Arabian bight....
    Allen Tate (1899–1979)