What If The Moon Didn't Exist

What if the Moon Didn’t Exist is a collection of speculative articles about different versions of Earth, published in book form in 1993. They were originally published in Astronomy magazine. The individual scenarios are:

  • Solon – Earth without a Moon
  • Lunholm – Moon closer to Earth
  • Petiel – Earth with less mass
  • Urania – Earth’s axis tilted like that of Uranus
  • Granstar – More massive sun
  • Antar – Effects if a supernova exploded near Earth
  • Cerberon – Star passing through the solar system
  • Diablo – Black Hole passing through the Earth
  • Seeing the world via infrared
  • Effects of ozone layer depletion

Famous quotes containing the words exist and/or moon:

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    The moon is full tonight
    And hurts the eyes,
    It is so definite and bright.
    Philip Larkin (1922–1986)