What are waters?

  • (noun): United States actress and singer (1896-1977).
    Synonyms: Ethel Waters
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Kevin Waters - Education
... Father Waters began studies at Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA in 1953, earning the degree Bachelor of Arts in 1957 ... Because of his interest in Music, Father Waters earned a second Bachelor of Arts in Music from the University of Washington in 1964 ... Father Waters earned the D.Mus ...
Fishkeeping - Conservation - Invasive Species
... While tropical fish do not survive in temperate climates, they can thrive in waters that are similar to their native habitat ... Freshwater examples include various cichlids in Florida, goldfish in temperate waters, and South American suckermouth catfishes in warm waters around the world ... Many marine fish have also been introduced into non-native waters, disrupting the local habitat ...
... Dreamlanders refers to the cast and crew of regulars whom John Waters has used in his films ... The term comes from the name of Waters' production company, Dreamland Productions ... Although Waters has attempted to feature many of the same actors and production team in every film, not every Dreamlander is used in each of Waters' films ...
Soundtrack From The Film More - Track Listing
... "Cirrus Minor" Waters 518 2 ... "The Nile Song" Waters 326 3 ... "Crying Song" Waters 333 4 ...

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  • (noun): The serous fluid in which the embryo is suspended inside the amnion.
    Example: "Before a woman gives birth her waters break"
    Synonyms: amniotic fluid, amnionic fluid

Famous quotes containing the word waters:

    One of the things I considered a delightful experience in school was the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I didn’t realize the gap was so big from the Founding Fathers until now. And I didn’t realize they weren’t talking about me.
    —Maxine Waters (b. 1938)

    On a round ball
    A workman that hath copies by, can lay
    An Europe, Afric, and an Asia,
    And quickly make that, which was nothing, all;
    So doth each tear,
    Which thee doth wear,
    A globe, yea world, by that impression grow,
    Till thy tears mixed with mine do overflow
    This world, by waters sent from thee, my heaven dissolved so.
    John Donne (1572–1631)

    O Lord, methought what pain it was to drown,
    What dreadful noise of waters in my ears!
    What sights of ugly death within my eyes!
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)