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Black Irish - Common Attributions - Spanish Armada
... sometimes thought to have been the result of an Iberian admixture originating with survivors of the Spanish Armada ... Most Armada survivors were killed on the beaches, and many of the remnants eventually escaped from Ireland, but a group of Spanish soldiers ended up serving as armed retainers to the Irish chiefs ... The genetic evidence is that the survivors of the Spanish Armada probably left no legacy, as the Irish have only minute amounts of Neolithic Italic Y chromosome genetic markers ...
1996 Mount Everest Disaster - South Col Route Events - May 11
... Making a difficult decision that they could not be saved by the hypoxic survivors at Camp IV nor evacuated in time, he left them for nature to take its course, which the other survivors soon agreed was the. 12, after a storm had collapsed his tent overnight and the survivors once again thought he had died Krakauer discovered he was still conscious as the ...
Sullivan Brothers - History
... survived the sinking of the Juneau and believed it would be reckless to look for survivors, thereby exposing his wounded ships to a still-lurking Japanese submarine ... to notify Allied headquarters to send aircraft or ships to search for survivors ... break radio silence, did not pass the message about searching for survivors to their headquarters until they had landed several hours later ...
MV Princess Victoria - Rescue Attempt
... Despite arriving before the lifeboats, the merchant ships were unable to rescue the survivors in lifeboats as the fierce waves were in danger of dashing the smaller boats against the sides ... lifeboat, the Sir Samuel Kelly arrived and was able to bring survivors on board ... of HMS Contest were both awarded the George Medal for diving into the water to help survivors ...
Pinkville - Aftermath - Survivors
... In early 1972, the camp (at Mỹ Lai 2) where the survivors of the Mỹ Lai Massacre had been relocated was largely destroyed by Army of the Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam) artillery and ...

Famous quotes containing the word survivors:

    I believe that all the survivors are mad. One time or another their madness will explode. You cannot absorb that much madness and not be influenced by it. That is why the children of survivors are so tragic. I see them in school. They don’t know how to handle their parents. They see that their parents are traumatized: they scream and don’t react normally.
    Elie Wiesel (b. 1928)

    I want to celebrate these elms which have been spared by the plague, these survivors of a once flourishing tribe commemorated by all the Elm Streets in America. But to celebrate them is to be silent about the people who sit and sleep underneath them, the homeless poor who are hauled away by the city like trash, except it has no place to dump them. To speak of one thing is to suppress another.
    Lisel Mueller (b. 1924)