What are staurikosaurus?

  • (noun): Primitive dinosaur found in Brazil.
    Synonyms: staurikosaur


Staurikosaurus (Pronounced "STORE-ee-koh-SAWR-us", "Southern Cross lizard") is a genus of herrerasaurid dinosaur from the Late Triassic of Brazil.

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Ischigualasto - Paleontology - Dinosaurs
... Staurikosaurus sp Ischisaurus I ... Staurikosaurus Indeterminate San Juan Province Remains previously referred to "cf ... Staurikosaurus" were later determined to belong to Herrerasaurus ...
Staurikosaurus - In Culture
... The flag of the Paleorrota Geopark, is the flag of Rio Grande do Sul with white Staurikosaurus in the center ... It is a tribute to Brazilian first dinosaur found by Llewellyn Ivor Price, in Santa Maria City ...
Herrerasaurus - Classification
... Herrerasauridae Herrerasaurus Staurikosaurus Unnamed herrerasaurid Eusaurischia Chindesaurus Theropoda Eoraptor Neotheropoda Sauropodomorpha ... include Eoraptor from the same Ischigualasto Formation of Argentina as Herrerasaurus, Staurikosaurus from the Santa Maria Formation of southern Brazil, Chindesaurus from the Upper Petrified Forest (Chinle ... Novas (1992) defined Herrerasauridae as Herrerasaurus, Staurikosaurus, and their most recent common ancestor ...
Staurikosaurus - Discovery
... The first known specimen of Staurikosaurus was recovered from the Paleontological Site Jazigo Cinco of the Santa Maria Formation in the geopark of paleorrota ... Brazil and only visible in the southern hemisphere - when Staurikosaurus was described in 1970, it was unusual to find dinosaurs in the southern hemisphere ... The rarity of Staurikosaurus remains may be a result of it being uncommon while alive, or because it lived in an environment like a forest, where fossils rarely form ...
Staurikosaurus - Description
... Staurikosaurus was a small theropod from the late Triassic Period, 225 million years ago - specifically the Carnian age. 2.25 metres (7.4 ft) long, 80 centimetres tall (31 in), and weighing just 30 kilograms (66 lb), Staurikosaurus was tiny in comparison to later theropods like Megalosaurus ... Newer research seems to confirm that Staurikosaurus and the related Herrerasaurus are definite theropods and evolved after the sauropod line had split ...