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Social Credit Candidates, 1953 Manitoba Provincial Election - Jemima F. Webster (Winnipeg South)
... Webster was a teacher, and a longtime advocate of social credit principles ... She had previously lived in Alberta, where the Social Credit Party had been in government since 1935 ... She received 566 votes (1.94%) on the first count, finishing ninth out of nine candidates ...
Manitoba Social Credit Party - World War II and Coalition
... The plan was approved by the other parties, and Social Credit joined the government in late 1940 ... Social Credit Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) Norman Turnbull was sworn in as a minister without portfolio on November 4, 1940, and served in this capacity until February 14, 1946 ... crossed the floor to sit as an Opposition Social Credit MLA and won the support of Alberta Socred Premier Ernest Manning as well as the Manitoba Social Credit League which officially expelled the four ...

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    In the past, it seemed to make sense for a sportswriter on sabbatical from the playpen to attend the quadrennial hawgkilling when Presidential candidates are chosen, to observe and report upon politicians at play. After all, national conventions are games of a sort, and sports offers few spectacles richer in low comedy.
    Walter Wellesley (Red)

    The negative cautions of science are never popular. If the experimentalist would not commit himself, the social philosopher, the preacher, and the pedagogue tried the harder to give a short- cut answer.
    Margaret Mead (1901–1978)

    Most of the money given by rich people in “charity” is made up of conscience money, “ransom,” political bribery, and bids for titles.... One buys moral credit by signing a cheque, which is easier than turning a prayer wheel.
    George Bernard Shaw (1856–1950)