What are puzzles?

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Sudoku Challenge! - Reception
... was functional and that most players will be satisfied with what was on offer, with the sudoku puzzles varying in difficulty to challenge players of all skill levels, they were also impressed with the number ...
L – A Mathemagical Adventure - Memorable Characters/puzzles
... or smaller groups) to attempt solving the various puzzles in the game in short pieces over the course of a semester, year or similarly protracted time and is hence somewhat difficult ... It is possible to evade capture (a small puzzle in itself), and avoid being taken to the attic ... to solve the game by completing most of the puzzles, but a full solution includes rescuing Runia, a princess who is imprisoned within the game ...
Steve Richardson - Stave Puzzles
... Stave Puzzles was born in 1974 when a client offered $300 for a wooden jigsaw puzzle and Richardson and Tibbetts jumped at the opportunity. 1978 and in the following years begin to receive national attention for his innovative puzzle designs ... As a puzzle innovator, Richardson is credited with inventing the "Phony Corner" (a corner that's not a corner) and the "Whammy Edge" (edge pieces that abut rather than interlock) ...
Stave Puzzles - Unique Features
... No picture of the completed puzzle is provided with the puzzle ... Clown piece All Stave Puzzles contain a silhouette of the company trademark clown ... Usually crafted into the interior portion of the puzzle ...
La Ruleta De La Fortuna - Puzzles - The Wheel
... Wheel of Fortune U.S ... versions Current series Wheel 2000 International versions Australia Denmark France Italy Malaysia New Zealand Philippines Poland Russia Spain United Kingdom Other international versions Cast and Crew Producers Merv Griffin (creator) John Rhinehart Nancy Jones Harry Friedman Hosts Chuck Woolery Edd Byrnes (1974 pilots) Pat Sajak Rolf Benirschke Bob Goen David Sidoni (Wheel 2000) Hostesses Susan Stafford Vanna White Tanika Ray (as "Cyber Lucy", Wheel 2000) Announcers Mike Lawrence (1973 pilot) Charlie O'Donnell Jack Clark M ...

Famous quotes containing the word puzzles:

    Nothing puzzles me more than time and space; and yet nothing troubles me less, as I never think about them.
    Charles Lamb (1775–1834)

    Woman and fool are two hard things to hit,
    For true no-meaning puzzles more than wit.
    Alexander Pope (1688–1744)