What are Odysseus?

  • (noun): (Greek mythology) a famous mythical Greek hero; his return to Ithaca after the siege of Troy was described in the Odyssey.


Odysseus ( /Odysseus:

Lord Drinian - Conception
... Drinian does not resort to using wax on his crew to block out their noise like Odysseus) ... as a result, does not exhibit any other trait similarities with Odysseus ... In conclusion, Drinian is a compilation of Odysseus from the Odyssey and the heroes of the Arthurian myths ...
Troy Series: Characters - Minor Characters - Penelope
... Penelope is Odysseus's wife, whose first son died years previously ... When she first married Odysseus, she disliked him, but came to love him after tending to him when he fell badly sick ... She tells Odysseus that, though she is getting old, she is pregnant ...
Suitors Of Penelope - List of Suitors Appearing in The Odyssey
... Was killed by Odysseus ... Shows courtesy towards the disguised Odysseus, who warns him against staying the warning goes unheeded, though, and he is killed along with the other suitors ... from the mainland, and helps spur the fight between Odysseus (as the beggar) and Irus, a notorious beggar ...
... He had darkly predicted that Odysseus would return to avenge the suitors' abuse of hospitality ... He was the last person whom Odysseus killed in his homecoming rampage, decapitated while pleading for his life Leodes rushed in and caught the knees of Odysseus, and spoke to him in winged words and ... for past favors.' Then looking darkly at him spoke resourceful Odysseus 'If you claim to be the diviner among these people, many a time you must have prayed in my palace, asking that the completion of ...

Famous quotes containing the word odysseus:

    We should part from life as Odysseus parted from Nausicaa—blessing it rather than in love with it.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)