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... bacteria and plants, includes brassica oleracea, brassica oleracea gemmifera, and clostridium botulinum bacteria ... A biocide can be A pesticide this includes fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, algicides, molluscicides, miticides and rodenticides ... An antimicrobial this includes germicides, antibiotics, antibacterials, antivirals, antifungals, antiprotozoals and antiparasites ...
... This subclass includes Squamata and Rhynchocephalia ... The squamata includes snakes, lizards, and amphisbaenia ... Lepidosauria is the sister taxon to Archosauria, which includes Aves and Crocodilia ...
Eurobeat Labels
... Interbeat (include Magnum, Blitz, Movie) A-Beat C / Rodgers Music Akyrmusic (Includes Vocal Trance projects such as nR Element from California.) Delta Dima Music Disko Warp Music Farm Records GoGo's Music Hi ... Group (Includes Boom Boom Beat, Asia Records, etc.) SCP Music Sinclaire Style Time Records Eurogrooves ...
Skinny Puppy - Videography
... Video Collection (1984-1992), 1996, VHS/DVD Includes videos for "Dig It", "Stairs and Flowers", "Far Too Frail" (live footage 1985), "Smothered Hope" (live footage 1985), "Deep Down Trauma Hounds" (live footage ... Brap Back and Forth Series 3 4, 1996, 2-CD Includes a number of video clips on those editions which included a CD-ROM portion ... Also includes videos for "Pro-Test", "Spasmolytic" (live footage 1990), and "Love In Vein" (live footage 1992) ...
Biochemist - Employment
... The field of medicine includes nutrition, genetics, biophysics, and pharmacology industry includes beverage and food technology, toxicology, and vaccine production while the governmental and environmental ...

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    The complete life, the perfect pattern, includes old age as well as youth and maturity. The beauty of the morning and the radiance of noon are good, but it would be a very silly person who drew the curtains and turned on the light in order to shut out the tranquillity of the evening. Old age has its pleasures, which, though different, are not less than the pleasures of youth.
    W. Somerset Maugham (1874–1965)

    ... nothing seems completely to differentiate the poor but poverty. We find no adjectives to fit them, as a whole, only those of which Want is the mother. “Miserable” covers many; “shabby” most, and I am sadly aware that, in a large majority of minds, “disagreeable” includes them all.
    Albion Fellows Bacon (1865–1933)

    We delight in one knowable thing, which comprehends all that is knowable; in one apprehensible, which draws together all that can be apprehended; in a single being that includes all, above all in the one which is itself the all.
    Giordano Bruno (1548–1600)