What are dos pilas?

Dos Pilas

Dos Pilas is a Pre-Columbian site of the Maya civilization located in what is now the department of Petén, Guatemala. It dates to the Late Classic Period, being founded by an offshoot of the dynasty of the great city of Tikal in AD 629 in order to control trade routes in the Petexbatún region, particularly the Pasión River. In AD 648 Dos Pilas broke away from Tikal and became a vassal state of Calakmul, although the first two kings of Dos Pilas continued to use the same emblem glyph that Tikal did. It was a predator state from the beginning, conquering Itzan, Arroyo de Piedra and Tamarindito. Dos Pilas and a nearby city, Aguateca, eventually became the twin capitals of a single ruling dynasty. The kingdom as a whole has been named as the Petexbatun Kingdom, after Lake Petexbatún, a body of water draining into the Pasión River.

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Dos Pilas - The Site - Caves
... caves were located in the immediate vicinity of the Dos Pilas, totaling over 11 km in length ... found in the caves would imply that the caves were important long before the warlike Dos Pilas state was founded in the Late Classic ... All the major architecture at Dos Pilas dates from the Late Classic and is aligned with important cave systems, showing that the builders of the city ...
B'alaj Chan K'awiil - Life
... On Dos Pilas Panel 6 he names a king of Tikal as his father, this was probably the 23rd or 24th ruler of Tikal ... throne and defected from Tikal in AD 648 to found Dos Pilas as a rival kingdom under the overlordship of Calakmul ... Inscriptions at Dos Pilas make it clear that he eventually swore allegiance to Calakmul, and this during the time of Tikal's Hiatus when Calakmul might well have involved itself directly in the royal ...
La Amelia - History
... kingdom of Mutal that was first ruled from Dos Pilas and then from Aguateca ... The site is located to the northwest of Dos Pilas, and may have originally been called B'ahlam ... The rapidly expanding Dos Pilas kingdom conquered La Amelia in the early 8th century ...
Women Rulers In Maya Society - Naranjo - Lady Six Sky
... Sky Reign 682 – 741 Full name Lady Six Sky, also known as Lady Wac Chanil Ahau, Lady of Dos Pilas, Lady of Tikal Birthplace Dos Pilas? Died February 10 or 11, 741 Predecessor K'ahk Skull Chan Chaak Heir-Appa ... She was the daughter of Bajlaj Chan K'awiil of Dos Pilas and arrived at Naranjo in the position of ruling queen and establishes a "new dynasty." Lady Six Sky commissioned monuments that note she ...
Seibal - History - Late Classic - Defeat
... In AD 735 Ucha'an K'in B'alam, the third king of Dos Pilas, attacked Seibal, capturing Yich'aak B'alam ... Ucha'an K'in B'alam raised monuments to his victory over Seibal at Dos Pilas, Aguateca and Seibal itself ... the city's new status as a vassal of Dos Pilas ...

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