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Mapping Of Unicode Characters - Special-purpose Characters - Other Separators
... independent of the legacy encoded ASCII control characters such as carriage return (U+000A), linefeed (U+000D), and Next Line (U+0085) ... Unicode does not provide for other ASCII formatting control characters which presumably then are not part of the Unicode plain text processing model ... These legacy formatting control characters include Tab (U+0009), Line Tabulation or Vertical Tab (U+000B), and Form Feed (U+000C) which is also thought of as a page break ...
ISO/IEC 2022 - Introduction
... languages, specifically Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, use far more characters than can be represented in an 8-bit computer byte and were first represented on computers with language-specific ... both of these problems to represent characters in multiple character sets within a single character encoding, and to represent large character sets ... So even though ISO-2022 is an 8-bit character set any 8-bit sequence can be reencoded to use only 7-bits without loss and normally only a small increase in size ...
ATASCII - Code Table - Control Characters
... Tab stop CTRL+TAB 159 Set Tab stop SHIFT+TAB 253 Buzzer CTRL+2 254 Delete Character CTRL+BACK SPACE 255 Insert Character CTRL+> ...
Acorn MOS - Text, Graphics, Printing
... The ASCII control characters are almost entirely given new significance under MOS known as the "VDU drivers", they are interpreted as video control characters ... Many more control characters take parameters one or more characters that follow are used solely for their bit value as a parameter and not as a control code ... There is a single operating system command to write a character, OSWRCH, which is responsible for all text and graphics ...
Caret Notation
... Caret notation is a notation for unprintable control characters in ASCII encoding ... For example the EOT character with a value of 4 is represented as ^D because D is the 4th letter in the alphabet ... The NUL character with a value of 0 is represented as ^@ (@ is the ASCII character before A) ...

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