What are cathode rays?

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Anode Ray - Experiments
... Goldstein used a gas discharge tube which had a perforated cathode ... When a high electrical potential of several thousand volts is applied between the cathode and anode, faint luminous "rays" are seen extending from the holes in the back ... These rays are beams of particles moving in a direction opposite to the "cathode rays," which are streams of electrons which move toward the anode ...
C. F. Varley - Cathode Rays
... authored a scientific paper suggesting that cathode rays were streams of particles of electricity ... Varley believed cathode radiation was caused by the collision of particles ... His belief was based on the idea that because the rays were deflected in the presence of a magnet, these particles have to be considered carriers of an electric charge ...
Experiments With Crookes Tubes - Lenard Window
... Philipp Lenard wanted to see if cathode rays could pass out of the Crookes tube into the air ... pressure out (later called a Lenard window) facing the cathode so the cathode rays would hit it ... He measured the ability of cathode rays to penetrate sheets of material, and found they could penetrate much farther than moving atoms could ...
Wilhelm Röntgen - Biography - Career
... in which a thin aluminium window had been added to permit the cathode rays to exit the tube but a cardboard covering was added to protect the aluminium from damage by the strong ... yet Röntgen observed that the invisible cathode rays caused a fluorescent effect on a small cardboard screen painted with barium platinocyanide when it was placed close to the aluminium window ... Röntgen speculated that a new kind of ray might be responsible ...
Eugen Goldstein - Work
... Later, in 1869, Johann Wilhelm Hittorf studied discharge tubes with energy rays extending from a negative electrode, the cathode ... These rays produced a fluorescence when they hit a tube's glass walls, and when interrupted by a solid object they cast a shadow ... of discharge tubes, and named the light emissions studied by others kathodenstrahlen, or cathode rays ...

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