Western Wei Troops

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... Weißenstadt is a town in the district of Wunsiedel, in Upper Franconia, Bavaria, Germany ... It is situated on the shore of the picturesque Weißenstadter See (Weissenstadt Lake), in the Fichtelgebirge Mountains, on the river Eger, 11 km ...
Wei - Other
... Wei (rank), a company-grade officer in Chinese armed forces ... Wei, a star otherwise known as Epsilon Scorpii "Wei Empire" - a fictional state and planetary romance of Yulia Latynina, consisting of 5 novels and 2 short ...
Gao Huan - During Emperor Xiaojing's Reign
... Eastern Wei's territorial size and military strength was far stronger than Western Wei's, and Gao made a number of attempts to try to end the division by ... Periodically, Western Wei generals who had prior relationships with Gao would defect to Eastern Wei, and Gao at times carried out campaigns deep within Western Wei territory ... However, Western Wei was able to portray Gao as a renegade general who expelled the emperor, and often during campaigns, local populace would assist Western Wei troops ...
Emperor Xuan Of Western Liang - Reign
... Western Wei created Xiao Cha Emperor of Liang, and he declared himself as such in spring 555 (as Emperor Xuan) ... Western Wei forces transferred Jiangling and the surrounding area to Emperor Xuan, but required him to transfer control of the Xiangyang region in exchange, and further ... Further, Western Wei troops pillaged Jiangling and took most of the inhabitants and the Liang imperial treasures back to Chang'an ...
Kid With The Golden Arm - Cast
... Sheng – Short Axe Sun Shu-Pei – Long Axe Wei Pai – Li Chin Ming Pan Pin-Chang – Miss Leng Wang Lung Wei – Iron Robe Dick Wei ...

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    But, where the road runs near the stream,
    Oft through the trees they catch a glance
    Of passing troops in the sun’s beam—
    Pennon, and plume, and flashing lance!
    Forth to the world those soldiers fare,
    To life, to cities, and to war!
    Matthew Arnold (1822–1888)

    The Oriental philosophy approaches easily loftier themes than the modern aspires to; and no wonder if it sometimes prattle about them. It only assigns their due rank respectively to Action and Contemplation, or rather does full justice to the latter. Western philosophers have not conceived of the significance of Contemplation in their sense.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)