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NCDOT's "Moore Choices" Transportation Charrette plans to bypass West End to better connect the higher speed zones (>45mph) roughly between Foxfire Road and near Love Grove Church Road (near West End Elementary School). In many years to come, it could be the aspiration of the village of Pinehurst to incorporate the NC 211 corridor including West End, Seven Lakes and Beacon Ridge. In 2010, the village of Pinehurst incorporated Pinewild which is just a few miles east of West End. Like West End being unincorporated, Seven Lakes, McLendon Hills and Beacon Ridge also have no municipal government.

Municipalities and communities of Moore County, North Carolina, United States
County seat: Carthage
  • Robbins
  • Aberdeen
  • Cameron
  • Carthage
  • Pinebluff
  • Southern Pines
  • Taylortown
  • Vass
  • Seven Lakes
  • Eagle Springs
  • West End

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