Weird Heroes - Series


  • Weird Heroes #1
    • Greatheart Silver in the Showdown at Shootout, Philip José Farmer
    • Quest of the Gypsy, Ron Goulart
    • Adam Stalker: The Darkstar File, Archie Goodwin
    • Rose in the Sunshine State, Joann Kobin
    • Guts, the Cosmic Greaser, Byron Preiss
  • Weird Heroes #2
    • Doc Phoenix, Ted White
    • Cordwainer Bird in "The New York Review of Bird", Harlan Ellison
    • The Camden Kid, Charlie Swift
    • Viva, Steve Engelhart
    • SPV 166, The Underground Express, Elliot S. Maggin
    • The Return of Greatheart Silver, Philip José Farmer
  • Weird Heroes #3: Quest of the Gypsy, Ron Goulart
  • Weird Heroes #4: Nightshade: Terror, Inc., Tappan King & Beth Meacham
  • Weird Heroes #5: Doc Phoenix: The Oz Encounter, Marv Wolfman/Ted White
  • Weird Heroes #6
    • Shinbet Investigates, Ron Goulart
    • Orion, Ben Bova
    • 50 Years of Heroes: The Edmond Hamilton Papers, Edmond Hamilton
    • Greatheart Silver in the First Command, Philip José Farmer
    • Galactic Gumshoe: a Franklin Davis Thriller, Arthur Byron Cover
  • Weird Heroes #7: Quest of the Gypsy: Eye of the Vulture, Ron Goulart
  • Weird Heroes #8
    • Seward: The Deep Fix, Michael Moorcock
    • Kamus: The Big Spell, J. Michael Reaves
    • Orion 2: Flood Tide, Ben Bova
    • Kamus 2: The Maltese Vulcan, Reaves
    • Robeson: The Grant-Robeson Papers "Savage Shadow", Maxwell Grant (Philip Jose Farmer)

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