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Mount Elkins - Weather Conditions
... Collectively, these terrain features significantly modify weather produced by synoptic scale systems ...
Gliding Competitions - A Typical Competition Day
... initial decision is made as to the likelihood that the conditions for the day are adequate to remain aloft ... each contest day to learn about the day's forecast weather conditions, to obtain briefings on operational and safety related issues, to hear about the ... Behind the scenes, the weather forecaster will discuss the local predicted conditions for the day with the task-setter (which is sometimes a committee) ...
Bermuda Agreement - Bermuda I
... to land for essential repairs, refuelling or to escape adverse weather conditions in another country ... winds prevailed on the North Atlantic or weather conditions or mechanical problems interfered with departures ... useful as a staging point as was Prestwick near Glasgow, in Scotland, which had good weather conditions ...
Belavia Flight 1834 - Investigation - Final Report
... Canada (Canada's Civil Aviation Authority) in the actual weather conditions released after another similar accident most likely could have prevented the accident ... The report mentioned that weather conditions that are susceptible to frost contamination require the pilot in command to perform the preflight walk-around ... The weather at the time was winds from 110 degrees at 2 knots, visibility 3500 meters (11500 feet) in light haze, clouds overcast at 2600 feet, scattered at 9800 feet ...
Weather Star III - Standard Features
... The Weather Star III is similar to the Weather Star Jr ... (The Weather Star Jr ... uses the font of the Weather Star 4000.) The features include Current Conditions - Displays the current weather, winds, barometric pressure, temperature, visibility, dewpoint, heat index/wind chill, and current ...

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