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Weapon System is a United States military term that designated, along with a weapon system number (e.g., WS-110), military experimental (MX) systems prior to official naming (e.g., under a military aircraft designation system. Preceded by the first Skunk Works program (MX-813 (Convair XF-92) in 1946), the earliest "WS" designation was the 1954 WS-117L. Circa February 1950, an Air Research and Development Command" study prepared by Maj Gen Gordon P. Saville ... recommended that a 'systems approach' to new weapons be adopted development of a weapon "system" required development of support equipment as well as the actual hardware itself."

US weapon programs often were initiated by numbered government specifications such as an Advanced Development Objective (e.g., ADO-40) or a General Operational Requirement (e.g., GOR.80), although some programs were initially identified by contractor numbers (e.g., CL-282).1

The term also made its way into UK use and by 1959 was causing some confusion as to its origins and meaning.

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List of numbered programs for US military systems
Number Link to Wikipage
3Project 3 TCP for technical intelligence collection systems
101 !Program 101, 102 (GOR-170) Samos (satellite)
104 !WS-104A SM-64 Navaho
107A !WS-107A SM-65 Atlas
WS-110 (GOR.82)
WS-110L supersonic reconnaissance aircraft
121 !Article 121 Lockheed A-12
WS-125A (GOR.81) XB-70 Valkyrie
WS-117L (GOR.80) Advanced Reconnaissance System (originally Project 1115); recoverable capsule - Pied Piper/Sentry/SAMOS; television transmission - unfeasible; Subsystem G: MiDAS
WS-119B (USAF 7795) Bold Orion ASAT
WS-119L Project Moby Dick (originally Project Genetrix)
148 !GOR 148 AGM-28 Hound Dog
199 !WS-199 Anti-satellite weapon
199B !WS-199B Bold Orion
199C !WS-199C High Virgo
199D !WS-199D Alpha Draco
201A !WS-201A 1954 interceptor
212 !NA-211 interceptor design similar to fighter-bomber design that would become North American F-107
212 !NA-212 North American F-107
CL-282 Lockheed U-2
306A !WS-306A F-105 Thunderchief
WS315A PGM-17 Thor missile
324 !MX-324 Northrop XP-79
324A !WS-324A General Dynamics F-111
400 !CL-400 Lockheed CL-400 Suntan
Program 437 (ADO-40) "nonorbital collision course satellite interceptor" using modified Thor
Program 437 X (AP) Alternate payload (AP) for satellite inspection ("a heritage of SAINT")
Program 437 Y second development plan for Program 437 (later renamed Program 922)
Program 505 MUDFLAP ASAT
544 !MX-544 US copy of V-1 flying bomb (Republic-Ford JB-2 "Loon")
558 !D-558 Douglas Skystreak, Skyraider
609A !Air Force System 609A Blue Scout
Air Force System 621B GPS
DSP-647 Defense Support Program
653 !MX-653 Bell X-1
770 !MX-770 SM-64 Navaho
774 !MX-774 feasibility designs for subsonic and supersonic surface-to-surface missiles (three WSPG launches July–December 1948) leading to SM-65 Atlas
776A !MX-776A RTV-A-4 Shrike
776B !MX-776B GAM-63 RASCAL
813 !MX-813 Convair XF-92
Program 893 ICBM ASAT
904 !MX-904 GAR-1 Falcon missile
Program 922 rename of Program 437 Y
1554 !Project MX-1554 F-102 Delta Dagger
1589 !MX-1589 nuclear-powered Convair B-36
1626 !MX-1626 (FZP-110) initial Convair proposal for eventual B-58 Hustler award
1712 !MX-1712 Boeing Generalized Bomber Study (GEBO II) proposal]] (competitor against winning Convair MX-1712 design for B-58 Hustler)
1964MX-1964 Convair B-58 Hustler (previously MX-1626)
1965 !MX-1965 Boeing XB-59
3061 !WS-3061 F-105 Thunderchief

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