Warheads may refer to:

  • Warhead, the damaging part of a projectile weapon
  • Warheads (band), a Swedish band
  • Warheads (candy), a brand of sour candy
  • Warheads (comics), a comic book published by Marvel UK
  • "Warheads" (song), a song by Extreme from the album III Sides to Every Story

Other articles related to "warheads, warhead":

Boeing F-99 Bomarc - Canada and The Bomarc - Canadian Operations
... completed in 1961, the squadron received its Bomarcs in 1961, without nuclear warheads ... fully operational from 31 December 1963, when the nuclear warheads arrived, until disbanding on 31 March 1972 ... All the warheads were stored separately and under control of Detachment 1 of the USAF 425th Munitions Maintenance Squadron ...
Penetration Aid
... tactic used to increase an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) warhead's chances of penetrating a target's defenses ... may include one or more of the following the MIRV bus carrying the nuclear warheads can have some form of stealth technology, thereby hindering detection before ... of space, creating a large, radar-reflecting object that will obscure incoming warheads from defensive radar ...
Bulgaria And Weapons Of Mass Destruction - Missile Program
... in case a war broke out, the missiles were not armed with warheads, but only prepared to launch Soviet weapons ... The SS-23 systems had conventional warheads plus a WMD launching capability ... In 1994 the country bought 46 conventional warheads for its SCUDs from Russia ...
Artillery Guidance Bureau - Active Missiles - Warheads
... North Korean missiles can serve to deliver various types of warheads, including WMD ... It is possible that up to three Rodong-1 missiles are fitted with nuclear warheads ... media that North Korea has not yet created nuclear warheads small enough to be fit in a missile, reports surfaced in April 2009, according to which North Korea has miniaturized ...