Warbler - Sylvioid "warblers"

Sylvioid "warblers"

These are somewhat more closely related to each other than to other "warblers". They belong to a superfamily also containing Old World babblers, bulbuls, etc.

  • "Old World warblers", formerly all in family Sylviidae
    • Leaf warblers, now in family Phylloscopidae
    • Typical bush warblers, now in family Cettiidae
    • Grass warblers and megalurid bush-warblers, now in family Locustellidae
    • Marsh and tree warblers, now in family Acrocephalidae
    • True warblers or sylviid warblers, remaining in family Sylviidae or moved into the Timaliidae
  • Malagasy warblers, the newly assembled family Bernieridae
  • Cisticolid warblers, family Cisticolidae
  • "African warblers", possibly another novel family

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Famous quotes containing the word warblers:

    I suffered for birds, for young rabbits caught in the mower,
    My grief was not excessive.
    For to come upon warblers in early May
    Was to forget time and death:
    Theodore Roethke (1908–1963)