Wandering (dementia)

Wandering (dementia)

Wandering, in persons with dementia, is a common behavior that can cause great risk for the person, and is often the major priority (and concern) for caregivers. It is estimated to be the most common form disruption from people with dementia within institutions. Although it occurs in several types of dementia, wandering is especially common in persons with Alzheimer's disease (AD). This can be due to forgetfulness, and also to a frequent need for stimulation.

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Wandering (dementia) - Technology
... RF - GPS - GSM (cellular network) devices are the latest in prevention in wandering ... worn by a resident that is at risk for wandering ... type of system seems to be preferable is that it helps monitor those at risk for wanderingand elopements while not infringing on the freedom of other residents or visitors to a facility ...

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