Wallpaper Group - The Seventeen Groups - Group Pg

Group Pg

  • Orbifold notation: xx.
  • The group pg contains glide reflections only, and their axes are all parallel. There are no rotations or reflections.

Examples of group pg
  • Computer generated
  • Mat with herringbone pattern on which Egyptian king stood
  • Egyptian mat (detail)
  • Pavement with herringbone pattern in Salzburg. Glide reflection axis runs northeast-southwest.
  • One of the colorings of the snub square tiling; the glide reflection lines are in the direction upper left / lower right; ignoring colors there is much more symmetry than just pg, then it is p4g (see there for this image with equally colored triangles)

Without the details inside the zigzag bands the mat is pmg; with the details but without the distinction between brown and black it is pgg.

Ignoring the wavy borders of the tiles, the pavement is pgg.

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