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Tube (fluid Conveyance) - Calculation of Strength
... strength of 10 MPa and a 8 mm outer diameter and 2 mm thick walls ... The maximum pressure may be calculated as follows Outer diameter = 0.008 Wall thickness = 0.002 Tensile strength = 10 * 1000000 Pressure burst = (Tensile strength ... Using a safety factor Pressure max = (Tensile strength * Wall thickness * 2 / (10 * Outer diameter) ) * 10 / Safety_factor ...
Casing String
... also promulgate standards for the threaded end finish, the wall thickness (several are available in each size to satisfy various design parameters, and in fact ... available for most combinations of OD and wall thickness to meet various design needs ... per foot (53.5 lbm/ft thus 0.545-inch wall thickness and 8.535-inch inside diameter), steel strength (110,000 psi yield strength), end finish ("Long Threaded and ...
Deep Drawing - Process
... The forming load is transferred from the punch radius through the drawn part wall into the deformation region (sheet metal flange) ... In the drawn part wall, which is in contact with the punch, the hoop strain is zero whereby the plane strain condition is reached ... Due to tensile forces acting in the part wall, wall thinning is prominent and results in an uneven part wall thickness ...
Peristaltic Pump - Key Design Parameters - Occlusion
... It is either expressed as a percentage of twice the wall thickness, or as an absolute amount of the wall that is squeezed ... g = minimum gap between the roller and the housing t = wall thickness of the tubing Then y = 2 x t - g (when expressed as the absolute amount of squeeze) y = (2 x t - g) / (2 x t) x 100 (when expressed as a percentage ... pump, the most critical tubing dimension becomes the wall thickness ...
Needle Gauge Comparison Chart
... Inner diameter depends on both gauge and wall thickness ... The following chart shows nominal inner diameter and wall thickness for regular-wall needles ... Thin-wall needles (not shown) have identical outer diameters but larger inner diameters for a given gauge ...

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