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Lara Croft - Appearances - In Video Games
... of a young Croft, she is accompanied by her mentor, Werner Von Croy ... with the Egyptian god Horus, and later encounters Von Croy as an antagonist ... (2003) was released on home platforms, centring on the murder of Professor Von Croy ...
Tomb Raider Characters - Tomb Raider Chronicles
... all play a role in these events Lara Croft Winston Werner Von Croy Pierre Dupont Occurring before his encounter with Lara in the first game he is out on the streets of Rome looking for the Philosopher's Stone ... Lara in her attempt to infiltrate the main office of Von Croy Industries in 1999 ... Elderly Man While Lara makes her escape with the Iris artefact in New York, Von Croy and an elderly assistant view surveillance footage of Lara breaking into the building ...
Recurring Characters In The Tomb Raider Game Series - Werner Von Croy
... Werner Von Croy is a world renowned archaeologist and explorer, and also the mentor of the young Lara Croft ... When Lara was sixteen years old, Von Croy took her on a journey to Angkor Wat in Cambodia for her very first adventure in 1984 in a training level at the start of the game in Tomb Raider ... Ironically, Von Croy's downfall comes as a result of his greed, as when he reaches the sanctuary of the Iris in Angkor Wat, he completely disrespects the temple carvings ...

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