VOM can refer to:

  • Volt/Ohm Meter – another name for a multimeter.
  • Voice of the Martyrs – group of Christian organizations devoted to raising awareness of persecutions of Christians around the world
  • VOM (punk rock band)

Vom can refer to:

  • The vomitorium of a theater
  • A German word, the contraction of von dem, meaning "from the", sometimes used in names. See von.

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1674 Der beglückwünschte Doppelsieg des Kaisers, 1675 Die vom Himmel herabgestürmte Himmel-Stürmer, 1675 Das vom ungerathenen Sausewind versuchte u ... Mischspiel, 1680 Die Vom Tod erweckte Phönizia, Eine Anmuthige Sicilian ...
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... Robert Morris (Vom) has played drums with Zodiac Mindwarp on and off since 1993, while Reverb played bass and produced Zodiac's 2001 album I Am Rock ... Vom currently plays with Diesel Park West ... Contrary to what various websites say Vom was not the drummer with Doctor and the Medics (their drummer was Steve Ritchie, also nicknamed "Vom") ...