Volunteer Ministers

Volunteer Ministers

In the Volunteer Minister (VM) program, Scientologists visit disaster zones, posing as ministers of religion and aid workers, in order to promote Scientology.

According to Scientology, "It is a worldwide movement that has for more than 25 years ] worked across national, racial, political and religious boundaries in more than 150 countries to help people deal with upheavals and has helped them put their lives back together." The activities of the Volunteer Ministers are largely funded by the International Association of Scientologists, which has sponsored a worldwide advertising campaign with the slogan "Something can be done about it - Call a Volunteer Minister."

The Church of Scientology says that the program constitutes "the only effective steps to arrest and reverse the deterioration of world", but critics argue that Scientology uses the program to gain positive media attention and recruit new members (known within Scientology as 'raw meat').

A primary goal of the Volunteer Ministers is to prevent disaster victims from receiving professional psychological help, in accordance with the Scientology belief that psychiatrists are evil. However, some local officials are reported to have welcomed their assistance and the U.S. the program is a member of National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (NVOAD), under the name "Churches of Scientology Disaster Response".

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