Voiced Stops

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Modern Greek Phonology - Consonants - Phonetic Realisation
... The phonetic realisation of voiced stops /b, d, ɡ/ (or prenasalised stops /mp, nt, nk/, depending on the analysis of underlying representation) is variable ... position, they are pronounced as simple voiced stops ... position, they can be realised as either a full sequence of nasal plus stop, or as a stop with only slight pre-nasalisation, or again as a single stop ...
Tamil Phonology - Overview
... script does not have distinct letters for voiced and unvoiced stop, although both are present in the spoken language as allophones--i.e ... For example, the voiceless stop 'p' occurs at the beginning of the words and the voiced stop 'b' cannot ... In the middle of words, voiceless stops commonly occur as a geminated pair like -pp-, while voiced stops usually do not ...
Winter's Law
... to which they lengthen before unaspirated voiced stops in a closed syllable, and that syllable gains rising, acute accent ... law operated before PIE aspirated stops */bʰ/, */dʰ/, */gʰ/ merged with PIE plain voiced stops */b/, */d/, */g/ in Balto-Slavic ... law stated that the vowels regularly lengthened in front of PIE voiced stops in all environments ...

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