Vogan is a town located in the Maritime Region of Togo. It lies approximately 45-60 km northeast of Lomé, the capital of Togo, and is the capital of Vo prefecture. It is known for its Friday market, which has one of the largest voodoo markets in West Africa.

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Dalt - V - Vogan
... Vogan is the Touv god of Rain, Storms, and Water ... Vogan appears as a Touv man with hair of cascading water and laughing eyes ... Through the sun goddess Nola, Vogan is the father of Breeka, and thus the grandfather of Katay ...
E8 (mathematics) - Representation Theory
... on some large square matrices consisting of polynomials, the Lusztig–Vogan polynomials, an analogue of Kazhdan–Lusztig polynomials introduced for reductive ... The values at 1 of the Lusztig–Vogan polynomials give the coefficients of the matrices relating the standard representations (whose characters are easy to describe ... The Lusztig–Vogan polynomials for all other exceptional simple groups have been known for some time the calculation for the split form of E8 is far longer than any other case ...
Kazhdan–Lusztig Polynomial - Generalization To Real Groups
... Lusztig–Vogan polynomials (also called Kazhdan–Lusztig polynomials or Kazhdan–Lusztig–Vogan polynomials) were introduced in Lusztig Vogan (1983) ...