Vital Energy

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Reiki - History - Derivation of Name
... authors pseudo-translate reiki as "universal life energy" ... miraculous, divine") and ki (気 qi "gas, vital energy, breath of life, consciousness") ... Chinese qi or ch'i) in reiki is understood as meaning "spiritual energy vital energy life force energy of life" ...
Culture Of The Song Dynasty - Philosophy
... through the principle (li) and the vital energy (qi) ... to exist and function normally, there would have to be substance as well as vital energy ... essence, the principle underlying a human being is good and benevolent, but vital energy has the potential to go astray and be corrupted, giving rise to selfish impulses and all other negative human traits ...
Elena Potato - Animated Series - Season 2
... At the pier, the Rooge was unleashed by accident by Bombo and shock the vital energy of Carpentry and his men ... away, he screams that it's leaving it turn around was shock her vital energy after hearing her voice ... When Zick defeated and captured the Rooge, she quickly recovers her vital energy ...

Famous quotes containing the words energy and/or vital:

    Just as we need to encourage women to test life’s many options, we need to acknowledge real limits of energy and resources. It would be pointless and cruel to prescribe role combination for every woman at each moment of her life. Life has its seasons. There are moments when a woman ought to invest emotionally in many different roles, and other moments when she may need to conserve her psychological energies.
    Faye J. Crosby (20th century)

    The growing of food and the growing of children are both vital to the family’s survival.... Who would dare make the judgment that holding your youngest baby on your lap is less important than weeding a few more yards in the maize field? Yet this is the judgment our society makes constantly. Production of autos, canned soup, advertising copy is important. Housework—cleaning, feeding, and caring—is unimportant.
    Debbie Taylor (20th century)