Visser is a Dutch surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Angela Visser (born 1966), Dutch model and actress
  • Barbara Visser (born 1977), Dutch politician
  • Barney Visser (born 1949), American businessman and racing team owner
  • Danie Visser (born 1961), South African tennis player
  • Kyle Visser (born 1985), American basketball player
  • Leo Visser (born 1966), Dutch ice speed skater
  • Lesley Visser (born 1953), American sportscaster
  • Matt Visser, New Zealand mathematician
  • Margaret Visser (born 1940), Canadian writer and broadcaster
  • Nikki Visser (born 1975), Australian model, television presenter, and actress
  • Ria Visser (born 1961), Dutch speed skater and TV commentator
  • Sanna Visser (born 1984), Dutch volleyball player
  • Sep Visser (born 1990), Dutch rugby union player
  • Tim Visser (born 1987), Dutch rugby union player representing Scotland internationally; brother of Sep
  • Wayne Visser (born 1970), South African writer, academic, social entrepreneur and futurist
  • Yolandi Visser (born 1984), South African singer/rapper

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