Vironniemi - Office and Home To Thousands

Office and Home To Thousands

Vironniemi is a very important employer (35040 offices, as of 31 December 2003) and also the home of 11242 Helsinkians (as of early 2005). Over 80% of the district's apartments have been built before 1960, and a little over 10% in the 1980s, when production of new apartments was being directed towards Katajanokka.

The education level of the inhabitants of the district is the highest of all main districts in the city - 36.4% of the inhabitants have a university degree. 10.6% of the district's inhabitants are native Swedish-speaking (as of 1 January 2005), which is clearly higher than the city average. The unemployment rate is very low and the income level is above average.

Traffic connections in the district are excellent. Vironniemi is the endpoint or transit point of many tram, bus, train and ferry routes. Two of the stations of the Helsinki metro - the Rautatientori metro station and the Kaisaniemi metro station are located in the area. Traffic routes - streets, the rail yard and the piers - have taken up about 45% of the land area of the core of the city centre.

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