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  • Voltage input, an alternative form for Vin

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Second Wine
... wine (or second label in French Second vin) is a term commonly associated with Bordeaux wine to refer to a second label wine made from cuvee not selected for use in the Grand vin or first label ... being bottled under a separate label and sold for a lower price than the Grand vin ... than to release a smaller than normal quantity of its Grand vin or a wine that would not be consistent with past vintages under that name ...
Serge Vinçon
... Serge Vinçon (17 June 1949 – 16 December 2007), was a French politician of the UMP party ... Vinçon died of cancer on 16 December 2007 at the hospital of Val de Grâce in Paris ...
List Of VDQS Wines
... is a list of French wines that are entitled to use the designation Vin Délimité de Qualité Supérieure (VDQS) on their label, which is the second ... concerned by other designations, such as "Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée wines (AOC)", "Vin de pays" or "Vin de table" ... Existing VDQS wines will either be promoted to AOC or demoted to Vin de pays/IGP ...
Mistborn: The Hero Of Ages - Characters
... Vin Venture - a half-skaa former street urchin who possesses the power of a Mistborn ... Vin's Bronze Seeking ability became twice as strong as other Mistborn or Seekers, enabling her to pierce Allomantic copperclouds and locate the hidden Well of ... the power of Preservation, and continuously try to make Vin their host to invest their power in her, but are prevented by Ruin, with a few exceptions ...
Vin, California
121°36′08″W / 38.64917°N 121.60222°W / 38.64917 -121.60222 Vin — Unincorporated community — Vin Coordinates 38°38′57″N 121°36′08″W / 38.64917°N 121.60222°W / 38.6 ...

Famous quotes containing the word vin:

    No matter what life you lead
    the virgin is a lovely number:
    cheeks as fragile as cigarette paper,
    arms and legs made of Limoges,
    lips like Vin Du Rhône....
    Anne Sexton (1928–1974)