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  • La Victoria (disambiguation)
  • Lake Victoria (disambiguation)
  • List of places named after Queen Victoria
  • Mount Victoria (disambiguation)
  • Port of Victoria (disambiguation)
  • Victoria Building (disambiguation)
  • Victoria Bridge (disambiguation)
  • Victoria College (disambiguation)
  • Victoria County (disambiguation)
  • Victoria Dam (disambiguation)
  • Victoria Dock (disambiguation)
  • Victoria Hospital (disambiguation)
  • Victoria Island (disambiguation)
  • Victoria Memorial (disambiguation)
  • Victoria Park (disambiguation)
  • Victoria Peak (disambiguation)
  • Victoria Road (disambiguation)
  • Victoria Square (disambiguation)
  • Victoria station (disambiguation)
  • Victoria Street (disambiguation)
  • Victoria Theatre (disambiguation)
  • Victoria Tower (disambiguation)
  • Victoria Township (disambiguation)
  • Victoria University (disambiguation)

Other places and geographical features named Victoria include:

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