Vichy Regime

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François Jaffrennou - Vichy Regime
... In 1941 on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of the Breton Nationalist Party, Mordrel and Debeauvais organised a heartfelt tribute to Camille Le Mercier d'Erm, who founded the party in 1911 ... At this point, Jaffrennou abandoned his previous moderate regionalist position, which he declared "obsolete and outdated", and now advocated complete independence for Brittany ...
Philippe Pétain - France and World War II
... too cramped, moved to the spa town of Vichy, at Baudouin's suggestion, the empty hotels there being more suitable for the government ministries ... His regime soon took on clear authoritarian -and in some cases, fascist- characteristics ... hierarchy...rejecting the false idea of the natural equality of men." The regime organised a "Légion Française des Combattants," which included "Friends of the Legion" and "Cadets of the Legion ...
Mitterrand And The Far Right - “Le Vichysto-résistant”
... meaning that he was both part of the Vichy regime as a civil servant and an active member of the resistance during the period January 1942 to mid 1943 ... His work in the Vichy regime was mostly of a civic and social nature in the department looking after the interests of French POWs ... According to Franz-Olivier Giesbert "He came to Vichy to work Colonel Le Corbeiller, a friend of his mother, found him a job ...
Charles De Gaulle - Second World War - Leader of The Free French
... of France and work against the collaborationist Vichy regime, which had signed an armistice with Nazi Germany ... Gaulle's subsequent speeches reached many parts of the territories under the Vichy regime, helping to rally the French resistance movement and earning him much popularity amongst ... on 2 August 1940 de Gaulle was condemned to death for treason against the Vichy regime ...
Concentration Camps In France - During World War II and The Vichy Regime
... Further information Vichy France As early as 1939, the existing camps were indiscriminately filled with German anti-Nazis (Communists, German Jews, etc.) or pro-Nazi Germans or also Nazi prisoners of war ... and the 10 July 1940 vote of full powers installing the Vichy regime, these camps were filled with Jews, first with foreign Jews, then indifferently with foreign and French Jews ... The Vichy government would progressively hand them up to the Gestapo, and they would all transit by Drancy internment camp, the last stop before concentration camps in the ...

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    I always draw a parallel between oppression by the regime and oppression by men. To me it is just the same. I always challenge men on why they react to oppression by the regime, but then they do exactly the same things to women that they criticize the regime for.
    Sethembile N., South African black anti-apartheid activist. As quoted in Lives of Courage, ch. 19, by Diana E. H. Russell (1989)

    There’s something Vichy about the French.
    Ivor Novello (1893–1951)