Viborg HK - Team - Women - Current Squad

Current Squad

Squad for the 2012–13 season
  • 24 Cleopatre Darleux
  • 01 Cecilia Grubbström
  • 12 Søs Søby (loaned to Aalborg HK)
  • 11 Holly Lam-Moores
  • 25 Maria Fisker
  • 19 Louise Lyksborg
  • 13 Andersen Johanne
Line players
  • 03 Marit Malm Frafjord
  • 15 Sabine Pedersen
  • 23 Hald Signe
Back players
  • 02 Rikke Skov
  • 06 Pernille Larsen
  • 08 Mouna Chebbah
  • 09 Isabelle Gulldén
  • 22 Johanna Ahlm
  • 17 Emily Andersen Baunsgaard
  • 05 Anne Cecilie Dornonville de la Cour
  • 83 Anita Bulath
  • 10 Amanda Kurtovic (Torn ligament in the shoulder)

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