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GNA Trading Ltd

Tom Smetham and Stephen Chapman became the directors of GNA Trading Ltd. Tom was working with his friend Tony Wilson on his annual In The City (festival) music convention and agreed the free use of his office and all facilities due to the worthiness of the cause. Once the arena was booked, GNA Trading Ltd pulled in favours from across the spectrum of the TV and Music industry in order to organise and film the event.

Tom and Stephen left GNA Trading Ltd in late 2007 to head to where they became producers of The Tube (Radio Series) for UK1 Productions and broadcast on Channel 4 Radio. They still produce the televisual element of the show today. Katharine Mainprize and James Ward took on the role of GNA Trading Ltd directors. Joel Perry of Mondiale Publishing became more involved with the organisation following the first concert and worked closely on elements of the second show with Dave Lawrence, the production manager. He negotiated the official blessing of then Prime Minister Tony Blair (who wrote an introduction to the official programme opposite Tony Wilson).

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