Verbandsliga Hessen-Nord - League Champions - Landesliga


The league champions until the renaming of the league in 2008:

Season Club
1965–66 Hermannia Kassel
1966–67 KSV Hessen Kassel II
1967–68 Hünfelder SV
1968–69 Hermannia Kassel
1969–70 KSV Baunatal
1970–71 KSV Hessen Kassel II
1971–72 KSV Baunatal
1972–73 GSV Eintracht Baunatal
1973–74 BC Sport Kassel
1974–75 Hermannia Kassel
1975–76 SV Olympia 1914 Kassel
1976–77 VfB Schrecksbach
1977–78 FSV Bergshausen
1978–79 TuSpo 1886 Ziegenhain
1979–80 SG Bad Soden
Season Club
1980–81 Hessen Bad Hersfeld
1981–82 CSC 03 Kassel
1982–83 VfB Schrecksbach
1983–84 KSV Hessen Kassel II
1984–85 Hessen Bad Hersfeld
1985–86 GSV Eintracht Baunatal
1986–87 CSC 03 Kassel
1987–88 Hermannia Kassel
1988–89 KSV Hessen Kassel II
1989–90 Borussia Fulda
1990–91 SC Upland Willingen
1991–92 SC Neukirchen
1992–93 FSC Lohfelden
1993–94 KSV Baunatal
Season Club
1994–95 KSV Hessen Kassel II
1995–96 SV Buchonia Flieden
1996–97 FV Steinau
1997–98 SVA Bad Hersfeld
1998–99 KSV Baunatal
1999–00 OSC Vellmar
2000–01 SV Buchonia Flieden
2001–02 KSV Hessen Kassel
2002–03 Hünfelder SV
2003–04 1. FC Schwalmstadt
2004–05 TSG Wattenbach
2005–06 Borussia Fulda
2006–07 FSC Lohfelden
2007–08 OSC Vellmar
  • KSV Hessen Kassel hold the absolute record for Landesliga titles in Hessen, having won six, all in the Landesliga Nord. Five of those however were won by their reserve team.

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