Venizelos (Greek: Βενιζέλος) is a Greek surname; it may refer to:

  • Eleftherios Venizelos (1864–1936), Greek politician
  • Sofoklis Venizelos (1894–1964), Greek politician, son of the above
  • Evangelos Venizelos (born 1957), Greek politician, unrelated to the above
  • Andreas Venizelos, a fictional character in the Honorverse

Other articles related to "venizelos":

Cretan State - History - Internal Turmoil - The Therisos Revolt
... was created, in which a young, Athens-trained lawyer from Chania, Eleftherios Venizelos, participated as Minister of Justice ... By 1900, Venizelos and the Prince had developed differences over domestic policies, as well as the issue of Enosis, the union with Greece ... Venizelos resigned in early 1901, and for the next three years, he and his supporters waged a bitter political struggle with the Prince's faction ...
Theriso Revolt - The Revolt
... Venizelos next appeared on the public stage in the spring of 1905, when an insurrection against the Cretan government broke out ... led to the establishment of autonomy in Crete, Venizelos was a fervent proponent of union with Greece ... During his absence from power, Venizelos again changed his belief about the "Cretan Question" ...
Theriso Revolt
... was led by the Cretan politician Eleftherios Venizelos, and is named from his mother’s native village, Theriso (or Therisos, Therissos), the focal point of the ... revolt stemmed from the dispute between Venizelos and the island's ruler, Prince George of Greece, over the island's future, in particular over the question of Cretan union with Greece ... can be traced to 1901, when Prince George dismissed Venizelos from the government ...
Stylianos Mavromichalis
... He studied law and was president of the Areopagus (Court of Cassation Greek Άρειος Πάγος), the Supreme Court of Greece ... He was prime minister for a very short period, from 29 September to the 8 November 1963, of a transitional government ...