Vehicle Mode

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Machine Robo Rescue - Mecha - Transporters
... It resembles a giant monorail train in vehicle mode and is launched from the launchpad in front of the base ... However, when Rin and Kai manually activate its robo mode, it becomes Wing Liner Robo ... It is the tallest of the transporters when in robo mode ...
Swindle (Transformers) - Transformers Animated - Animated Series
... It was Swindle's vehicle mode that inspired Nanosec to name their group "SUV" ... back at Swindle, resulting in the Decepticon being frozen in vehicle mode ... the episode "Five Servos of Doom", though Sentinel admitted that since he was trapped in his vehicle mode, it only took paying the fine to have the Decepticon towed to the Steelhaven ...
Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen (toy Line) - Robot Heroes
... Battle for the Allspark - Includes Optimus Prime (vehicle mode), Bumblebee (vehicle mode), Autobot Ratchet, Sam Witwicky (with Allspark), Megatron and Decepticon Brawl ... Fallen - Includes Jetpower Optimus Prime, Ironhide (vehicle mode), The Fallen and Megatron (vehicle mode) ... Devastation - Includes Devastator, Skids (vehicle mode), Mudflap (vehicle mode), and Agent Simmons ...
Optimus Prime - Unicron Trilogy - Toys
... With its trailer the vehicle mode of this toy bears a great resemblance to G1 Star Convoy ... Prime Non-transforming collectable keychain flashlight of Armada Optimus Prime in robot mode ... Energon Leader Class Optimus Prime (2004) Super class vehicle, with trailer and 4 drones who combine with Optimus prime for his super mode ...
Sentinel Prime - Transformers Animated - Animated Series
... shown that since he can still use his Cybertronian vehicle mode while chasing Wasp ... (though he admitted that since Swindle was trapped in vehicle mode he simply had to pay a fine and have him towed) by himself ... The resulting energy discharges free Swindle from his locked vehicle mode, which allowed the other Decepticons to take over the ship ...

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