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List Of Merlin Characters - E - Ewan
... In the first season episode, Valiant, Ewan was bitten by the snakes on Valiant's enchanted shield during the annual sword-fighting tournament ... Gaius managed to procure an antidote, but Valiant discovered that Ewan had survived and that Merlin had discovered his scheme ...
List Of Who Framed Roger Rabbit Characters - Eddie Valiant
... Eddie Valiant First appearance Who Censored Roger Rabbit? Portrayed by Bob Hoskins Information Species Human Gender Male Significant other(s) Dolores Edward "Eddie" Valiant is a Californian private investigator and ... When Roger is found dead, and his final words having been censored out, Valiant is soon sent on the case of tracking Rogers' murderers ... The 1988 film gave more insight into the character of Eddie Valiant, who was played by Bob Hoskins ...
People Named Valiant
... See also List of people known as the Valiant James Valiant (1884-1917), English cricketer Jimmy Valiant (born 1942), professional wrestler Leslie Valiant (born 1949), British computer ...
All The Brothers Were Valiant (novel)
... All the Brothers Were Valiant is a 1919 novel by Ben Ames Williams ... It has been adapted to film three times, all by MGM All the Brothers Were Valiant (1923), Across to Singapore (1928) and All the Brothers Were Valiant (1953) ...
List Of Merlin Characters - V - Valiant
... Knight Valiant (portrayed by Will Mellor) was a knight who came to Camelot to battle in the annual sword-fighting tournament ... by using a magical shield covered with painted snakes, which came to life at Valiant's command ... However, his use of magic was revealed by Merlin and Arthur killed Knight Valiant in the finale of the tournament ...

Famous quotes containing the word valiant:

    At Eutaw Springs the valiant died;
    Their limbs with dust are covered o’er—
    Weep on, ye springs, your tearful tide;
    How many heroes are no more!
    Philip Freneau (1752–1832)

    That’s a valiant flea that dare eat his breakfast on the lip
    of a lion.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

    In faith, he is a worthy gentleman,
    Exceedingly well read, and profited
    In strange concealments, valiant as a lion,
    And wondrous affable, and as bountiful
    As mines of India.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)