Vacuum Permittivity - Value


The value of ε0 is defined by the formula

where c0 is the defined value for the speed of light in classical vacuum in SI units, and μ0 is the parameter that international Standards Organizations call the "magnetic constant" (commonly called vacuum permeability). Since μ0 has the defined value 4π × 10−7 H m−1, and c0 has the defined value 299792458 m·s−1, it follows that ε0 has a defined value given approximately by

ε0 ≈ 8.854187817620... × 10−12 F·m−1 (or A2·s4·kg−1·m−3 in SI base units, or C2·N−1·m−2 or C·V−1·m−1 using other SI coherent units).

The historical origins of the electric constant ε0, and its value, are explained in more detail below.

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