Uranium Metal

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Ames Process - History
... of the Ames process came at a time of increased research into mass uranium metal production ... originally involved mixing powdered uranium tetrafluoride and powdered magnesium together ... of 1500°C, the contents of the container reacted violently, leaving a 35-gram ingot of pure uranium metal ...
Fernald Preserve - Production Facilities - Plant 5
... Plant 5, the Metals Production Plant main process equipment consisted of eleven jolters, five filling machines, forty-four reduction furnaces, two breakout stations in the Reduction Area ... reaction occurs UF4 + 2Mg → 2MgF2 + U (metal) ... Finally, the solidified uranium metal (derby) was separated from the slag and liner materials in a sequence of manual and mechanical operations that take place at the breakout ...
Nuclear Reactor - Reactor Types - Current Technologies
... These reactors are fueled with natural uranium and are thermal neutron reactor designs ... at full power, which makes them very efficient in their use of uranium (it allows for precise flux control in the core) ... is their use of light water and un-enriched uranium ...

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