Upper Egypt

Upper Egypt (Arabic: صعيد مصر‎ Sa'id Misr) is the strip of land, on both sides of the Nile valley, that extends between Nubia, and downriver (northwards) to Lower Egypt.

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Upper Egypt - History
... Predynastic Egypt The main city of predynastic Upper Egypt was Nekhen (Greek Hierakonpolis), whose patron deity was the vulture goddess Nekhbet ... Dynastic Egypt For most of pharaonic Egypt's history, Thebes was the administrative center of Upper Egypt ... Under the Ptolemies, Ptolemais Hermiou took over the role of Upper Egypt's capital city ...
Middle Egypt
... Middle Egypt (Arabic مصر الوسطى‎ Misr al-Wista) is the section of land between Lower Egypt (the Nile Delta) and Upper Egypt, stretching upstream from Asyut in the south to Memphis ... At the time, Ancient Egypt was divided into Lower and Upper Egypt, though Middle Egypt was technically a subdivision of Upper Egypt ... It was not until the 19th century that archaeologists felt the need to divide Upper Egypt in two ...
Sutekh (deity) - Origin - Conflict Between Horus and Set
... According to the Shabaka Stone, Geb divided Egypt into two halves, giving Upper Egypt (the desert south) to Set and Lower Egypt (the region of the delta in the north) to Horus, in order to end their feud ... However, according to the stone, in a later judgment Geb gave all Egypt to Horus ... record would lead one to believe that Lower Egypt (Horus' land) conquered Upper Egypt (Set's land) but, in fact Upper Egypt conquered Lower Egypt ...
Egyptian Pantheon - Other Significant Deities
... Anti - hawk god of Upper Egypt ... cow goddess who gave authority to the king, her cult originated in Upper Egypt and persisted widely until absorbed as an aspect of Hathor after the eleventh dynasty ... god of healing and beauty Nekhbet – vulture goddess, patron of pharaohs and Upper Egypt Neper - a god of grain Pakhet – feline goddess, a synthesis of Sekhmet and Bast Petbe - god ...

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