• (adj): Not using the voice.
    Example: "Unvoiced thoughts"; "unvoiced consonants such as 'p' and 'k' and 's'"
    Synonyms: voiceless
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Tamil Numerals - Transcribing Other Numbers - Reproductive and Attributive Prefixes (எண்ணின் முன்னொட்டுக்கள்)
... தொ+ the unvoiced consonant of the succeeding base 10 forms the prefix for nine ... For instance, 90 is தொ+ண் ('ண்' being the unvoiced version of 'ணூ'), hence, தொண்ணூறு) ... ஏழு ēḻu ௮ எண் eņ ௯ தொ + the unvoiced consonant of the following consonant tho ...
Lojban Grammar - Phonology - Basic Sounds
... cup central mid vowel ə y as in sofa, not as in yellow fricatives unvoiced labial fricative f (ɸ) f as in fat voiced labial fricative v (β) v as in vast unvoiced velar fricative x x as in the ...
List Of DC Animated Universe Characters - Justice League Unlimited - Antagonists
... Deimos The Demons Three Dreamslayer The Fatal Five Emerald Empress Mano (unvoiced) The Persuader Tharok Validus (unvoiced) Felix Faust Gentleman Ghost Giganta Hades Hath-Set Hro ...
Ningbo Dialect - Phonology - Initials
... Labiovelars Alveolars Palatals Velars Glottals Nasals /m/ /n/ /ȵ/ /ŋ/ Stops Unvoiced /pʰ/ /tʰ/ /kʰ/ ʔ /p/ /t/ /k/ Voiced /b/ /d/ /ɡ/ Affricates Unvoiced /ʦʰ/ /ʨʰ/ /ʦ/ /ʨ/ Voiced ...
Tamil Phonology - Overview
... The Tamil script does not have distinct letters for voiced and unvoiced stop, although both are present in the spoken language as allophones--i.e ... with voice and when it is to be pronounced unvoiced ... if this means that consonants which should be unvoiced according to the Tolkāppiyam are voiced ...

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