• (adj): Used of a compound (especially of carbon) containing atoms sharing more than one valence bond.
    Example: "Unsaturated fats"
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Some articles on unsaturated:

Tetratriacontanoic Acid
... C35) Hexatriacontylic (C36) ω−3 Unsaturated α-Linolenic (183) Stearidonic (184) Eicosapentaenoic (205) Docosahexaenoic (226) ω−6 Unsaturated Linoleic (182) γ-Lin ...
... Friction particles are made by polymerizing the unsaturated side chain of cardanol, followed by cross-polymerization with phenol to yield a cardanol-formaldehyde resin by a ... Tri-unsaturated cardanol, the major component (41%) is shown below ... The remaining cardanol is 34% mono-unsaturated, 22% bi-unsaturated, and 2% saturated In terms of physical properties, cardanol is comparable to nonylphenol ...
Anacardic Acid
... The alkyl group may be saturated or unsaturated anacardic acid is a mixture of saturated and unsaturated molecules ... of which the 15 carbon unsaturated side chain found in the cashew plant is very lethal to Gram positive bacteria ...
Benary Reaction
... with Grignard reagents in a 1,4-addition to give α,β-unsaturated ketones, α,β-unsaturated aldehydes and α,β-unsaturated esters as well as poly-unsaturated ketones and ...
... huxleyi, respond to changes in water temperature by altering the production of long-chain unsaturated alkenones in the structure of their cell ... At higher temperatures, more of the di-unsaturated molecules are produced than tri-unsaturated ... in which the organisms dwelt can be estimated from ratio of their unsaturated alkenones (C37-C39) that are preserved in marine sediments ...

More definitions of "unsaturated":

  • (adj): Not saturated; capable of dissolving more of a substance at a given temperature.
    Example: "An unsaturated salt solution"
  • (adj): (of color) not chromatically pure; diluted.
    Example: "An unsaturated red"