University of Toronto Joint Centre For Bioethics - Membership


Members ordinarily hold an appointment at the University of Toronto or one of the participating healthcare organizations. Members assist the centre to fulfill its mission through participation in research, education or clinical ethics activities.

Appointments are reviewed annually by an advisory committee. The criteria for membership include participation in the centre's research activities, bioethics education, or clinical ethics committees or other clinical ethics activities or are "opinion leaders" as identified by the hospital bioethicist. Potential members are offered membership by the Director on the advice of the leader of the centre's relevant research area. Members and Associate Members of the Centre for Bioethics have automatically been considered members. Centre membership normally will cease when individuals leave their University of Toronto or hospital appointment.

Members are expected to state their affiliation with the centre on bioethics-related publications and presentations, and to provide on request information about their bioethics-related activities for inclusion in the centre's reports.

The benefits of membership include priority notification of the centre's seminars, lectures and workshops, opportunities to join in the centre's research activities, and opportunities to meet colleagues in member institutions who share interests in bioethics.

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