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... the Sultanate of Oman (Arabic سلطنة عُمان‎ Salṭanat ʻUmān), is an Arab state in southwest Asia on the southeast coast of the Arabian Peninsula ... It is bordered by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to the northwest, Saudi Arabia to the west, and Yemen to the southwest ... Over time, as its power declined, the sultanate came under heavy influence from the United Kingdom, though Oman was never formally part of the British Empire, or a British protectorate ...
List Of Winners Of The Boston Marathon - Women's Wheelchair
... Year Athlete Country/State Time Notes 1977 Rahn, SharonSharon Rahn United States United States (IL) 34851 course record 1978 Shapiro, SusanSusan Shapiro United ...
Pregnancy Over Age 50 - Cases of Pregnancy Over 50
... Pooley, GeorgiaGeorgia Bitzis Pooley Her husband Natural Conception United States United States Georgia Bitzis Pooley, the first known Greek woman to immigrate to Chicago ... Attorney Assistant of California IVF with oocytes donation United States United States Judy Bershak of Los Angeles, California, gave birth to her first child, daughter Sarah, in 1996 at ... Fillippini Robert Fillippini, her 49-year-old husband IVF United States United States Cheryl Fillippini of Lompoc, California, gave birth to quadruplets, three girls, Rebecca, Amanda ...
30th United States Congress
... The Thirtieth United States Congress was a meeting of the legislative branch of the United States federal government, consisting of the United States Senate and the United ... was based on the Sixth Census of the United States in 1840 ...
Efforts To Stop Wars
... In the 21st century, worldwide anti-war movements occurred ever since the United States declared wars in Afghanistan and Iraq ... occurred in cities in Europe, Asia, and all over the United States ... Stop the War Coalition, based in the United Kingdom, work on campaigning against the War ...

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    I have ever deemed it fundamental for the United States never to take active part in the quarrels of Europe. Their political interests are entirely distinct from ours. Their mutual jealousies, their balance of power, their complicated alliances, their forms and principles of government, are all foreign to us. They are nations of eternal war.
    Thomas Jefferson (1743–1826)

    The line that I am urging as today’s conventional wisdom is not a denial of consciousness. It is often called, with more reason, a repudiation of mind. It is indeed a repudiation of mind as a second substance, over and above body. It can be described less harshly as an identification of mind with some of the faculties, states, and activities of the body. Mental states and events are a special subclass of the states and events of the human or animal body.
    Willard Van Orman Quine (b. 1908)

    We can beat all Europe with United States soldiers. Give me a thousand Tennesseans, and I’ll whip any other thousand men on the globe!
    Andrew Jackson (1767–1845)