United States Figure Skating Championships - Medalists - Ladies


Ladies Medalists
Year Location Gold Silver Bronze Pewter
1914 New Haven Theresa Weld Edith Rotch Raynham Townshend
No Competition Held
1918 New York City Rosemary Beresford Theresa Weld
1919 No Competition Held
1920 New York City Theresa Weld Martha Brown Lilian Cramer
1921 Philadelphia Theresa Weld Blanchard Lilian Cramer
1922 Boston Theresa Weld Blanchard Beatrix Loughran
1923 New Haven Theresa Weld Blanchard Beatrix Loughran Lilian Cramer
1924 Philadelphia Theresa Weld Blanchard Rosalie Knapp
1925 New York City Beatrix Loughran Theresa Weld Blanchard Rosalie Knapp
1926 Boston Beatrix Loughran Theresa Weld Blanchard Maribel Vinson
1927 New York City Beatrix Loughran Maribel Vinson Theresa Weld Blanchard
1928 New Haven Maribel Vinson Suzanne Davis
1929 New York City Maribel Vinson Edith Secord Suzanne Davis
1930 Providence Maribel Vinson Edith Secord Suzanne Davis
1931 Boston Maribel Vinson Edith Secord Hulda Berger
1932 New York City Maribel Vinson Margaret Bennett Louise Weigel
1933 New Haven Maribel Vinson Suzanne Davis Louise Weigel
1934 Philadelphia Suzanne Davis Louise Weigel Estelle Weigel
1935 New Haven Maribel Vinson Suzanne Davis Louise Weigel
1936 New York City Maribel Vinson Louise Weigel Audrey Peppe
1937 Chicago Maribel Vinson Polly Blodgett Katherine Durbrow
1938 Philadelphia Joan Tozzer Audrey Peppe Polly Blodgett Jane Vaughn
1939 St. Paul Joan Tozzer Audrey Peppe Charlotte Walther
1940 Cleveland Joan Tozzer Hedy Stenuf Jane Vaughn
1941 Boston Jane Vaughn Gretchen Merrill Charlotte Walther
1942 Chicago Jane Vaughn Sullivan Gretchen Merrill Phebe Tucker
1943 New York City Gretchen Merrill Dorothy Goos Janette Ahrens
1944 Minneapolis Gretchen Merrill Dorothy Goos Ramona Allen
1945 New York City Gretchen Merrill Janette Ahrens Madelon Olson
1946 Chicago Gretchen Merrill Janette Ahrens Madelon Olson
1947 Berkeley Gretchen Merrill Janette Ahrens Eileen Seigh
1948 Colorado Springs Gretchen Merrill Yvonne C. Sherman Helen Uhl
1949 Colorado Springs Yvonne C. Sherman Gretchen Merrill Virginia Baxter
1950 Washington, DC Yvonne C. Sherman Sonya Klopfer Virginia Baxter
1951 Seattle Sonya Klopfer Tenley Albright Virginia Baxter
1952 Colorado Springs Tenley Albright Frances Dorsey Helen Geekie
1953 Hershey Tenley Albright Carol Heiss Margaret Graham Margaret Dean
1954 Los Angeles Tenley Albright Carol Heiss Frances Dorsey Margaret Graham
1955 Colorado Springs Tenley Albright Carol Heiss Catherine Machado Patricia Firth
1956 Philadelphia Tenley Albright Carol Heiss Catherine Machado Mary Anne Dorsey
1957 Berkeley Carol Heiss Joan Schenke Claralynn Lewis Nancy Heiss
1958 Minneapolis Carol Heiss Carol Wanek Lynn Finnegan Nancy Heiss
1959 Rochester Carol Heiss Nancy Heiss Barbara Roles Lynn Finnegan
1960 Seattle Carol Heiss Barbara Roles Laurence Owen Stephanie Westerfeld
1961 Colorado Springs Laurence Owen Stephanie Westerfeld Rhode Lee Michelson Karen Howland
1962 Boston Barbara Roles Pursley Lorraine Hanlon Victoria Fisher Frances Gold
1963 Long Beach Lorraine Hanlon Christine Haigler Karen Howland
1964 Cleveland Peggy Fleming Albertina Noyes Christine Haigler Lorraine Hanlon
1965 Lake Placid Peggy Fleming Christine Haigler Albertina Noyes Myrna Bodek
1966 Berkeley Peggy Fleming Albertina Noyes Pamela Schneider
1967 Omaha Peggy Fleming Albertina Noyes Jennie Walsh Janet Lynn
1968 Philadelphia Peggy Fleming Albertina Noyes Janet Lynn
1969 Seattle Janet Lynn Julie Lynn Holmes Albertina Noyes Dawn Glab
1970 Tulsa Janet Lynn Julie Lynn Holmes Dawn Glab Jennie Walsh
1971 Buffalo Janet Lynn Julie Lynn Holmes Suna Murray Dawn Glab
1972 Long Beach Janet Lynn Julie Lynn Holmes Suna Murray Dorothy Hamill
1973 Minneapolis Janet Lynn Dorothy Hamill Juli McKinstry
1974 Providence Dorothy Hamill Juli McKinstry Kath Malmberg
1975 Oakland Dorothy Hamill Wendy Burge Kath Malmberg Barbie Smith
1976 Colorado Springs Dorothy Hamill Linda Fratianne Wendy Burge
1977 Hartford Linda Fratianne Barbie Smith Wendy Burge
1978 Portland Linda Fratianne Lisa-Marie Allen Priscilla Hill Carrie Rugh
1979 Cincinnati Linda Fratianne Lisa-Marie Allen Carrie Rugh
1980 Atlanta Linda Fratianne Lisa-Marie Allen Sandy Lenz Elaine Zayak
1981 San Diego Elaine Zayak Priscilla Hill Lisa-Marie Allen Rosalynn Sumners
1982 Indianapolis Rosalynn Sumners Vikki de Vries Elaine Zayak Jackie Farrell
1983 Pittsburgh Rosalynn Sumners Elaine Zayak Tiffany Chin Vikki de Vries
1984 Salt Lake City Rosalynn Sumners Tiffany Chin Elaine Zayak Jill Frost
1985 Kansas City Tiffany Chin Debi Thomas Caryn Kadavy Kathryn Adams
1986 Uniondale Debi Thomas Caryn Kadavy Tiffany Chin Tracey Damigella
1987 Tacoma Jill Trenary Debi Thomas Caryn Kadavy Tiffany Chin
1988 Denver Debi Thomas Jill Trenary Caryn Kadavy Jeri Campbell
1989 Baltimore Jill Trenary Kristi Yamaguchi Tonya Harding Holly Cook
1990 Salt Lake City Jill Trenary Kristi Yamaguchi Holly Cook Nancy Kerrigan
1991 Minneapolis Tonya Harding Kristi Yamaguchi Nancy Kerrigan Tonia Kwiatkowski
1992 Orlando Kristi Yamaguchi Nancy Kerrigan Tonya Harding Lisa Ervin
1993 Phoenix Nancy Kerrigan Lisa Ervin Tonia Kwiatkowski Tonya Harding
1994 Detroit No champion† Michelle Kwan Nicole Bobek Elaine Zayak
1995 Providence Nicole Bobek Michelle Kwan Tonia Kwiatkowski Kyoko Ina
1996 San Jose Michelle Kwan Tonia Kwiatkowski Tara Lipinski Sydne Vogel
1997 Nashville Tara Lipinski Michelle Kwan Nicole Bobek Angela Nikodinov
1998 Philadelphia Michelle Kwan Tara Lipinski Nicole Bobek Tonia Kwiatkowski
1999 Salt Lake City Michelle Kwan Naomi Nari Nam Angela Nikodinov Sarah Hughes
2000 Cleveland Michelle Kwan Sasha Cohen Sarah Hughes Angela Nikodinov
2001 Boston Michelle Kwan Sarah Hughes Angela Nikodinov Jennifer Kirk
2002 Los Angeles Michelle Kwan Sasha Cohen Sarah Hughes Angela Nikodinov
2003 Dallas Michelle Kwan Sarah Hughes Sasha Cohen Ann Patrice McDonough
2004 Atlanta Michelle Kwan Sasha Cohen Jennifer Kirk Amber Corwin
2005 Portland Michelle Kwan Sasha Cohen Kimmie Meissner Jennifer Kirk
2006 St. Louis Sasha Cohen Kimmie Meissner Emily Hughes Katy Taylor
2007 Spokane Kimmie Meissner Emily Hughes Alissa Czisny Beatrisa Liang
2008 St. Paul Mirai Nagasu Rachael Flatt Ashley Wagner Caroline Zhang
2009 Cleveland Alissa Czisny Rachael Flatt Caroline Zhang Ashley Wagner
2010 Spokane Rachael Flatt Mirai Nagasu Ashley Wagner Sasha Cohen
2011 Greensboro Alissa Czisny Rachael Flatt Mirai Nagasu Agnes Zawadzki
2012 San Jose Ashley Wagner Alissa Czisny Agnes Zawadzki Caroline Zhang
2013 Omaha
2014 Boston
2015 Greensboro

^† In June 1994, U.S. Figure Skating voted to strip Tonya Harding of her 1994 title. However, the competition results were not changed and the title was left vacant rather than moving all the other competitors up one position.

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