Unit Square

In mathematics, a unit square is a square whose sides have length 1. Often, "the" unit square refers specifically to the square in the Cartesian plane with corners at (0, 0), (1, 0), (0, 1), and (1, 1).

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Bicubic Interpolation
... and the derivatives, and are known at the four corners, and of the unit square ... This procedure yields a surface on the unit square which is continuous and with continuous derivatives ... approximated from the function values at points neighbouring the corners of the unit square, e.g ...
Unit Square - In The Complex Plane
... In the complex plane, the corners of the unit square are at 0, 1, and 1 +. ...
Bézier Surface - Equation
... It maps the unit square into a smooth-continuous surface embedded within a space of the same dimensionality as { ki,j } ... u, v is given by evaluated over the unit square, where is a Bernstein polynomial, and is the binomial coefficient ... in the (u, v) space, and, in particular, all four edges of the deformed (u, v) unit square are Bézier curves ...
Outline of The Construction of A Space-filling Curve
... We start with a continuous function from the Cantor space onto the entire unit interval ... From it, we get a continuous function from the topological product onto the entire unit square by setting Since the Cantor set is homeomorphic to the product, there is a continuous ... The composition of and is a continuous function mapping the Cantor set onto the entire unit square ...
Sierpiński Curve - Uses of The Curve
... A space-filling curve is a continuous map of the unit interval onto a unit square and so a (pseudo) inverse maps the unit square to the unit interval ... Let the lower-left corner (0, 0) of the unit square correspond to 0.0 (and 1.0) ... (Note that the unit square is the union of two such triangles.) The remaining parameters specify the level of accuracy to which the inverse should be computed ...

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