• (adj): Not done or made or performed with purpose or intent.
    Synonyms: undesigned
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Some articles on unintentional:

Injury Prevention
... Researchers use the term "unintentional injury" to refer to injuries that are nonvolitional but preventable ... Centers for Disease Control, for example, show unintentional injuries are the leading cause of death from early childhood until middle adulthood ... During these years, unintentional injuries account for more deaths than the next nine leading causes of death combined ...
Continuous Obsolescence - Unintentional Reasons
... Continuous obsolescence may be unintentional ... One type of largely unintentional case of continuous obsolescence occurs when the rising demand for graphics- and experience-intensive videogames collides with a long development time ...
Premature Burial - Unintentional
... Folklorist Paul Barber has argued that the incidence of unintentional live burial has been overestimated, and that the normal effects of decomposition ...
Covariation Model - Limitations
... The critique of the model mainly concerns the lack of distinction between intentional and unintentional behavior, and between reason and cause ... When behavior is unintentional, the behavior is not explained by reasons, but rather by cause explanations not related to mental states of desire and belief ... Malle (1999) found that whether behavior is intentional or unintentional predicts the type of explanation, and that the type of explanation presented predicts the judgement of ...
Frolic And Detour - Underlying Rule of Liability
... An employer is vicariously liable for the unintentional torts of his employees ... Similarly, a principal is liable for unintentional torts committed by an agent ... partnership, who act as agents for one another, making each partner liable for unintentional torts committed by other partners while working for the benefit of the ...

More definitions of "unintentional":

  • (adj): Without deliberate intent.
    Synonyms: unwilled
  • (adj): Not intentional.
    Example: "An unintentional pun"; "the offense was unintentional"
    Synonyms: unplanned, unwitting