Unfair Contract Terms

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English Contract Law - Construction - Unfair Terms
... Sources on unfair terms Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 (c 50) Sale of Goods Act 1979 (c 54) Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Directive 93/13/EC Unfair Terms in ... The topic of unfair terms is vast, and could equally include specific contracts falling under the Consumer Credit Act 1974, the Employment Rights Act 1996 or the Landlord and ... The primary legislation on unfair contract terms deriving from the EU is the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999 ...
Jim Flaherty - Federal Politics - Department of Finance Contracts Questioned
... Despite Treasury Board rules requiring a bidding process for contracts of $25,000 or more, Flaherty admitted his office broke government contracting rules in hiring MacPhie ... MacPhie Company was awarded the $122,000 contract without tender by Flaherty's office ... called on Auditor General Sheila Fraser to conduct an audit into the untendered contract awarded by Minister of Finance Jim Flaherty to MacPhie Company for work done in advance of the 2007 budget ...
Option Contract
... An option contract, or simply option, is defined as "a promise which meets the requirements for the formation of a contract and limits the promisor's power to revoke an offer." Restatement (Second) of Contracts ยง 25 ... An option contract is a type of contract that protects an offeree from an offeror's ability to revoke the contract ... Consideration for the option contract is still required as it is still a form of contract ...
Ivica Mornar - Club Career
... The player was offered a new two-year contract by Anderlecht, but opted to move across the English channel to Portsmouth ... return of Harry Redknapp as manager in December 2005 it looked as though Mornar's contract would be allowed to expire the next Summer ... However, it transpired that there was a clause in his contract guaranteeing him a further year at the club should relegation be avoided and he remained a Portsmouth player, until September 2006 when his ...
Illusory Promise
... In contract law, an illusory promise is one that courts will not enforce ... This is in contrast with a contract, which is a promise that courts will enforce ... are so named because they merely hold the illusion of contract ...

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